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Picking Up Girls Your Top Wingman, the Tequila Shot

Picking up girls with your new top wingman, the Tequila Shot

“Everyone has a tequila shot story”, said Paul. He was right.

I certainly have a tequila shot story or two, but I like to think that I am unique in that my experience with tequila shots has not been entirely dreadful. I seem to have found a way to see tequila not for her association with regret, but rather as an alcoholic mistress who is delicious when consumed correctly and creatively, and just cruel enough to keep things interesting. Moreover, I have found that when it comes to bringing your game to life, an interesting alcoholic beverage can do more than just get a girl drunk enough to plant one on you. The best tequila story is the one that allows you to build attraction by being unique, fun and seductive. Yes, you can pick up a girl with tequila.


First Date – Envelopes DateAhhh, the first date. So much unnecessary stress. Who pays? Where do you sit? What about awkward silences? The truth of the matter is that when it comes to dateing, the fairer sex relishes these various conundra and first date faux pas just about as much as the men who are expected to lead the date into more exciting and entertaining areas. Simply put: first dates can be as stressful as they are exciting.

So how can you turn that all-important first date experience into one that she – or he – will never forget? The answer: Envelopes.


Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein

So Wiener Schnitzel actually has nothing whatsoever to do with sausage. The word Wiener in fact simply means “from Vienna”, or Wien in German. (Free high-five for anyone who can guess where the frankfurter was invented.) Schnitzel is a diminutive form of the word Schnitt, which means “slice”. And Schwein looks and sounds an awful lot like “swine” to me.


So we are not talking about ithyphallic cuisine here. We are talking about a pork cutlet, breaded and fried to deliciously seductive perfection.