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Body Language and Posture

Every man wants to be Bond. Few recognise his incredibly alpha body language and posture.

Body language and posture are hugely important when we talk about meeting women, creating attraction and generally getting on well with high-value and beautiful women.

I was once a chronic sloucher. Not only did I have a virtually non-existent sense of self-confidence, but I saw my stature as an impediment that would disqualify me from having a chance with a beautiful woman. Rather than actively working to change it, I accepted my fate and resigned to an existence of poor body language and posture.

Then one day everything changed.


Death of the American Dream – Ambition, Consequence, and Why You Fail Without Them

Felix Baumgartner’s 2012 Red Bull Stratos skydive set world records for altitude (39 km) and velocity (Mach 1.24).

A lot has happened in the past year. I have celebrated the anniversary of one entire year with my amazing and beautiful girlfriend, I have recorded, produced and released an acoustic version of my band’s début album on my own, I have watched my best friend in the entire world marry a woman whom he is absolutely crazy about, and I have stuck by my family and loved ones through some treacherously trying times.

This post is about dating, relationships, pickup and seduction. But it is also about life, learning, the birth and death of the American dream, and everything in between.


First Date – Envelopes DateAhhh, the first date. So much unnecessary stress. Who pays? Where do you sit? What about awkward silences? The truth of the matter is that when it comes to dateing, the fairer sex relishes these various conundra and first date faux pas just about as much as the men who are expected to lead the date into more exciting and entertaining areas. Simply put: first dates can be as stressful as they are exciting.

So how can you turn that all-important first date experience into one that she – or he – will never forget? The answer: Envelopes.


Beer Brands and Pick Up

What beer brands will help you pick up girls? It’s not that simple, but a little knowledge can work in your favour…

Beer is a man’s drink. It’s a cliché statement, and it’s mostly untrue. That being said, if a man knows his way around the world of beer brands and has some unique and exciting experiences to share, he has another powerful set of options in his playbook when it comes to leading a high-value and interesting interaction, whether on a first date at the neighbourhood pub or after a bounce from the club. Some of the following information  may be interesting to anyone who will admit to enjoying a pint every now and then.

Don’t be a beer snob. Don’t be a know-it-all. Be interested, and you will be interesting.