You can call me Evo.Using Music to Meet Girls – Helio

But first, a confession.

As much as I would love to tell you that I knew where I was headed when I first ventured into the realm of lifestyle development, that would go against my promise to be fully honest with you.

So let’s get that straight. I am going to be fully honest with you, just as I have been with myself over the course of my journey.

And oh, what a journey.

The basics: I was born in February — yes, Pisces are the best — to a conservative Roman Catholic family. I had one girlfriend for six months in high school, and I thought I was cool until we broke up.  I failed my first big language exam ever, but nevertheless decided to pursue a degree in Modern and Classical Languages at Universität Salzburg and Saint John’s University.

I started writing and making noises with guitars, pianos and drums, and sometimes people would come to listen to my mates and me make these noises. We even recorded and sold a hit song. Apparently there is money to be made in noisemaking. I dyed my hair pink. I realised that talking to girls is fun, then subsequently realised that talking to pretty girls is even more fun, and I became a top-ranking member of the internet’s most renowned group of Casanovas. I made a promise to myself to pursue the things that fulfil me and to ignore the forces that try to keep me on the ground. Who wants to stay on the ground, anyway?

This is not a blog to brag or to skyrocket me to #1 in the self-help community. My hope is merely to share my approach to life and lifestyle, and encourage you to expand on what you know and believe in an effort to enhance your happiness as well as the happiness of those around you.

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