Just a Number – the PUA Rating System and Its Effects on Women…and Men

PUA Rating – Labelling Girls Hot or NotThe PUA Rating System. You don’t have to be a PUA to know it.

She’s a 10 man. A knockout 10. That was the response from a good friend Radovan, who had just listened to me gush for 10 minutes about my “new” girlfriend. I was giddy.

Shortly thereafter, a thought hit me. How much of my excitement was the girl, and how much of it was reputation?

Now make no mistake; when it comes to PUAs and picking up girls in general, I recognised long ago that the worst thing someone can do is to focus on his rep. So this was a wake-up call to me. The reputation I refer to applies not to “lay count” nor to the rank or status of an online persona. I am referring to the centre and source of the PUA rating system: the male desire for conquest and domination.

Why PUA Rating Scales Exist

Men are naturally competitive. All you have to do to see this is spend one day anywhere and keep your eyes open for at least a third of the time and you will see male competitiveness in action. This is not a bad thing; I would argue because it is such a huge part of men’s social value, has kept mankind moving (not necessarily forward, but moving nonetheless) since we emerged as a species. It’s in our blood. The desire to succeed. The desire to lift make more money. The desire to lift heavier things. The desire to shag hotter women.

The PUA rating system is a simple enough concept, and it is an equally simple result of every man’s desire to dominate other men not just by financial and athletic means, but also by having a girlfriend that others want. We are competitive. Pickup artists are especially competitive, whether it be with others or themselves.

In the standard PUA rating system, each woman has a numerical value which, although largely subjective, indicates her attractiveness along any given set of criteria.

So whereas a 10 on the PUA rating scale would be the hottest a girl could be, a 6 would indicate an average level of beauty. Pickup artists generally do not rate below 6.

From an humanistic standpoint, the PUA rating system takes a woman with personality, thoughts and feelings and turns her into a number based largely on the size of her boobs, waist and butt. Moreover, some men use PUA rating to put others down for “sub-standard” closes. Lots more use the PUA rating system as a way of qualifying themselves. PUA rating says you fucked a 9? Be careful not to hit anyone with those massive bollocks of yours.Yes, PUA rating is superficial. And yes, PUA rating is super-mainstream.

Different Approaches to PUA Rating Systems

Still, some of these PUA rating systems can seem positive. When I was first beginning, I found it useful to try as soon and quickly as possible to get a general idea of how the girl I wanted stacked up to other girls in her group and in the vicinity. This coupled with her physical appearance by general social standards would give me an idea of what her perceived social value is, which, I thought, would help me gain some better insight into  how I should “game the girl”. “10s need better game”, I thought, and at one point I even had a philosophy of which levels according to the PUA rating scale I should neg or false DQ more frequently or more intensely than others.

Another philosophy towards PUA rating systems was suggested by Johnny Soporno and involves a simple yes/no question. This “rating” involves a few assumptions that, whilst oftentimes impractical, can be helpful to some on a psychological basis, the most prominent of which assumes that an individual who truly is able to communicate his personality and value well to a woman will be able to seduce her. Foolish yes, but empowering nonetheless. This PUA rating scale then asks the man one yes-or-no question regarding any girl: would you sleep with her?

My experience in the field has led me to believe that a combination of these two PUA rating systems is the most healthy, not just from the perspective of treating women with basic human respect, but also for the purpose of experiencing sexual interactions as they are meant to be experienced. It is a genuine misfortune that women have been reduced to numbers and body parts in the eyes of so many men. But it is equally demeaning to employ a PUA rating scale that treats each woman as either a “would” or a “wouldn’t”.

Men also benefit from a moderate approach to PUA rating systems. An overly analytical approach to any aspect of communication, especially this, can turn a man into a robot, or it can make him feel intimidated in approaching a woman whom he might perceive to be “higher in rating”, according to his PUA rating scale, than anyone he had ever approached.

On the other hand, one of the most fulfilling and empowering feelings of pickup and seduction is the rush of the approach and the joy of truly connecting with someone of true value to you, both on a physical and an emotional level.

What do you guys and girls think? What have your experiences been, whether with “PUA rating”, a similar rating system, or anything in the mainstream that accomplishes a similar effect? Do you think this is positive or negative for men and women?

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